Nucleus Buttons

When you want to put a Nucleus button on your website, here are some designs from which you can choose. Or you can create your own, of course. And do remember: there's absolutely no obligation to put a button on your site, although it would be nice.

You can save the buttons by right-clicking and selecting "save image as..." or something alike in your browser.

Please save these images to your own server. Don't link to the ones here please.
Powered by Nucleus!

Below is a series of buttons provided by Raoul:

Powered by Nucleus! Powered by Nucleus! Powered by Nucleus! Powered by Nucleus!

An animated button logo provided by Candle:

Powered by Nucleus

Provided by Marc Siry (Photoshop source):

Powered by Nucleus


Nucleus CMS日本語版は、日本語版パッケージリリースチームが開発をしています。メーリングリストNucleus-jp-developersで情報の共有をしています。

プロジェクトの趣旨は、日本語が扱えるNucleus CMSのリリースを続けることと、Nucleus CMS日本コミュニティの運営です。加えて現在はオリジナルのNucleus CMSに対し、より妥当な多言語化のための改善を加えるよう働きかけをおこなっています。